Our Favorite Cruise Destinations

A cruise is the perfect travel option that combines the splendor of traveling by sea with the excitement of exploring new places by land. With a cruise, you get the convenience of an all-inclusive hotel and the excitement of exploring a new destination each day. If you love one-stop-shop traveling, read through some of our favorite cruise destinations then contact us to book your next cruise vacation. 

Australia & New Zealand


A cruise to Australia or New Zealand combines a traditional cruise experience with extensive sightseeing land tours for a more in-depth vacation. Some cruises include stays at first-rate hotels in some of Australia or New Zealand's most famous destinations. These cruises can last  13-23 nights and are available from December to April. 

Alaska & Canada


With daylight hours lasting up to 23 hours in June, a cruise to Alaska and Canada is the best way to spend your summer. Some cruise lines offer a spectacular tour of the coast by ship with beautiful land tours by motor coach or train. Be prepared to explore the splendor of Denali National Park in Alaska and the quaint resort towns of the Canadian Rockies. 



A cruise around the coast of Asia will make traveling to intriguing countries with amazing cultures easy. Visit some of Asia's most legendary attractions: the Forbidden City in Beijing, Terra-Cotta Warriors in Xian, the temples of Bangkok, or the gardens of Kyoto. An asian cruise can last 11-26 nights but availability is limited. 



A European cruise is a great way to explore the enchanting Scandinavia, the sparkling Mediterranean, and astounding Northern Europe countries such as London, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Rome, or Stockholm. Cruises along the Mediterranean sea are available from May to October while Northern European cruises are available from May to August.

New England & Canada


Visit some of the US's most historic sites, including Gettysburg, Williamsburg, and Richmond, and enjoy the diversity and beauty of Canada's greatest cities: Montreal, Toronto, and Niagara Falls. The best time to cruise New England is between August and October on a 14-day itinerary. 

South America


South American cruises are great for getting a full view of the natural and man-made wonders of the continent. Delve into the diverse landscapes and cultures of Rio de Janeiro, Machu Picchu, and Iguazu Falls. Or spend the night in Ecuador and explore the Galapagos Islands. Whatever you're looking for, a South American cruise and tour has it.

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