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The great American experience is about bluegrass and beaches, snow-covered peaks and redwood forests, restaurant-loving cities and big open skies. The United States is  brimming with metropolis cities whose names alone conjure a million different notions of culture, cuisine, and entertainment. From Nevada to Florida, New York, and California, this country has enough culture, class, and adventure to make any vacation memorable. And don't forget that a great way to see this vast country is by rail! Sit back and relax and take in all the great views.

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San Diego


San Diego is a big city with a small-town heart. Seventy miles of sun-drenched beaches await you on the Southern California coast, and city's eclectic mix of modern sensibilities works well with its elegance of an old-time city. There are sprawling parks,  renowned cultural events, and world-class shopping. And don't forget that Mexico is just across the nearby border.



The capital of Arizona is a tourist magnet. Golfers favor its countless world-class courses. Nature lovers can't get enough of the desert canyonlands. Museums honor the ancient native culture, and performing arts centers thrive on today's creative talent. Phoenix is also known as "spa central." Just beyond its borders are craggy mountains, vast forests, and a huge temperate desert. 



Along with its pristine beaches and year-round sunshine, Miami boasts world-class dining, unparalleled shopping, and recreational activities to suit every style and taste, including a nightlife that never sleeps. You'll find first-rate accommodations, luxurious attractions, eclectic arts, and a diverse culture.

Las Vegas


With more than 35 million visitors a year, the "Entertainment Capital of the World" has a little something for everyone. Whether you enjoy shopping, dining, entertainment, nightlife, museums, spas, golf, or casino gaming, Las Vegas allows you to live out your dream vacation, no matter what shape that dream may take. You can even find Elvis there to marry you or perhaps give you his rendition of "Viva Las Vegas!"

New Orleans


Delve into the city of New Orleans to find the famous French Quarter with wrought-iron balconies, homespun jazz, Creole culture, unbelievable food, ancient oaks draped with Spanish moss, wild nightclubs, and gourmet bistros. The city is an alluring paradox of ancient and modern traditions and elegant and decadent vibes that entices visitors and turns them into what locals call the "Never Lefts."  New Orleans makes an unforgettable impression on everyone.

New York City


You'll find an unending supply of world-renowned restaurants, hotels, cultural institutions, and shops in the "City That Never Sleeps." The diverse population and vast array of cultural attractions endow the city with a feeling of energy and excitement that only New York can offer. The newly renovated Empire State Building is a must see along with Central Park. And be sure to take in a Broadway show of your choosing. So much to see and do!

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