South Africa

Know Before you go to South Africa



Safety is a concern for first-time travelers to South Africa.

Don’t wear flashy jewelry, listen to your music, or play games on your smartphone in public or crowded areas.

Don’t walk around alone late at night in areas that are not appropriate.

Don’t leave your bag on an empty chair or leave your phone on the table at restaurants.

If you are thinking about driving, know that they drive on the left side of the road.

Be aware of volunteering scams in South Africa.

Best Time to Travel to South Africa



The safari season is typically the dry winter/spring months of June to October.

The safari season provides you with abundant


Animals need water and food and go to the watering holes.

The animals are predictably seen at certain places at this time.

As the winter progresses the bush dies down and so it’s easier to spot the game.

The daytime temperatures are very pleasant which means you can comfortably stay in the sun for longer periods.

The dry season is when the Okavango Delta is in full flood. This is the best time to see Victoria Falls and the important  Zambezi and Chobe rivers – both magnets for local game.

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